“Prior to seeing Derek, I’d been coughing nonstop for 2 years despite seeing multiple specialists, trying 18-20 different treatments and undergoing chest X-rays, pulmonary lung function and multiple blood tests. I was getting up 4-5 times each night, was completely exhausted each morning and had so much brain fog, I dreaded getting out of bed. And due to the vigorous nature of my coughing, I had painful neck and back spasms (despite nightly heating pads and regularly seeing a massage therapist). In short, my quality of life was dreadfully compromised and I was absolutely miserable.

After 5 sessions with Derek (2/week), both my coughing and the perpetual “hairball” sensation in my throat were notably reduced, and my back spasms began to lessen. After 7 sessions, I was roughly 80% improved. After 9 sessions, I was consistently at a 95%-98% improvement level, and whole days began to go by without a single cough! I was also sleeping much better, often going through the night without getting up once. We are now shooting for a 100% level of wellness and I’m confident we’ll get there. This therapy has changed my life, and both my husband and I are very grateful!”


“I have been treated by Diane Kloecker with her acupuncture treatments for approximately 4 sessions for arthritis in my hands and a foot injury. I was extremely surprised at getting some relief after just 2 treatments. I was amazed and so very excited. Finally to have a treatment that was able to ease some of the pain in both my hands and fingers that did not involve medicine. As a nurse in the operating room, I need full function of both my hands to carry out vigorous daily tasks. To achieve a reduction in my pain and bring back some of my hand strength was worth every penny I spent out of pocket to get these treatments. Today I have no pain in my hands. To my surprise, I have also been having some good results from altering my diet, which Diane is extremely knowledgeable in. For me, it is a total success!”


“I have had debilitating sinus headaches my whole life; they often lasted two to three days. After one session with Derek, I had immediate relief and after two months of treatments, I am now declaring the problem solved. In this Cincinnati climate, having relief from sinus problems is a major accomplishment! In addition, I have been sleeping better and have more energy. I couldn’t be happier with the results of these treatments and Derek is a pleasure to work with!”


“Six months after rotator cuff surgery, I was still in pain and frustrated by my progress.  My surgeon gave me cortisone shots, but they became less and less effective.  On the suggestion of my chiropractor, I scheduled an acupuncture appointment with Diane.  I had never tried acupuncture, and I admit, was a bit skeptical.  After the first few treatments, I saw some minor improvement.  After six treatments, I saw a major improvement.  I now have full range of motion and my pain is greatly reduced.  In fact, I was so pleased, that when my achilles began acting up, I went straight to Diane.  After a couple of treatments, I was able to run again in comfort.  I wouldn’t hesitate to use Diane again or recommend her to others.”


“I went to Derek earlier this year and have been on once-a-month “maintenance” for a few months now. I was feeling super stressed, & tired and  I had symptoms of IBS, TMJ, weight gain, high blood pressure and sleep problems. When I went for checkups at my internist, I never knew how my blood work would be – sometimes it was really good, sometimes it would be very borderline. I did not want to go on medications, and although I tried healthy habits including T’ai Chi, I felt my body’s systems were out-of-whack. Since seeing Derek, my body seems balanced – I’ve lost weight, have more energy, sleep like a baby & have no problems with stress related issues. My doctor was amazed at the dramatic changes at my last visit and recent blood work. I would recommend acupuncture to anyone and have referred several people to Derek.”


“I began my first experience with acupuncture therapy March of this year, 2013.  I started seeing Diane Kloecker due to an acute onset of moderate chest pain.  The pain would come and go accompanied with numbness in my left arm and some shortness of breath, similar to signs of a  heart attack. I had gone to my primary care physician and was told that everything was normal yet the pain had not subsided.  I coped with the pain for nearly a month but began developing a secondary issue which was fear.  I am a 41 year old woman with a loving  husband and three children and had concern for my life and their well being.
One day, I confided in my co-worker.  She had tried acupuncture for weight loss and stated she actually quit smoking after the first session which was an unforeseen benefit.  She told me how acupuncture can assist with stress release as well as medical conditions and that some health insurances cover or assist with the costs.  I scheduled my first appointment with Diane and have been going ever since.  Diane is extremely kind, caring, compassionate, calming and respectful.  I don’t understand how it works but can confidently state that it does work!  My pain has since completely stopped.  I continue with regular appointments as a holistic approach to stress control.  I find acupuncture to be very relaxing and leave with a renewed sense of tranquility and peacefulness.  Thank you Diane!”


“I have suffered with chronic pain in my hip for several years due to arthritis. After one treatment with Derek my pain was completely gone. I have also experienced relief from a neuroma in my foot after several treatments. Overall I have more energy and sleep much better.  I am very pleased with the result of my treatments.  Thanks Derek.”


“It feels like there are good times ahead.  I am writing to tell you that I give credit to my turnaround in health and attitude to you.  Your skill as an acupuncture practitioner has helped me physically but just as importantly you have helped me help myself.

After a serious fall and subsequent surgery in March 2011, I wasn’t sure I would ever feel like myself again.  I did not want to rely on medications to manage my pain.  I am happy to say my post-traumatic injury pain has been relieved through my participation in several new treatments.  My ability to walk for longer distances has increased and my tolerance for standing has improved.  One of the new treatments I tried was acupuncture.

My first appointment was more of a “meet & greet” since I wasn’t sure I would want to even try acupuncture.  I must give praise to you, Diane, because you are so caring and such a good listener.  Who hasn’t heard the old adage “actions speak louder than words”?  Well, your actions clearly express your commitment to helping your patients.

Once pain no longer radiated down my left leg and I no longer had to take daily doses of medications, I was convinced that acupuncture can and does work as a compliment to tradition healthcare. After hearing me describe my pain relief, my primary care physician suggested I try acupuncture to relieve my peri-penopausal symptoms rather than the typical medication.  After two treatments, I no longer had the horrible night-sweats and after three, I no longer could feel the hot flashes that haunted my days.  Diane, you didn’t just give me relief from my misery, you also saved my wardrobe!

I can’t say much more, except, thank you for giving me my life back.”


“I was very nervous as this was my first experience with acupuncture.  I started seeing Diane Kloecker because I was having chronic back pain that was not responding to other treatments.  I was also extremely tired, rund down and cold and needed to be re-energized.  She listened carefully to all of my concerns and explained them so I would know what to expect.

While going to Diane she was able to significantly reduce the pain I was experiencing in my hip and back.  As well as improve my body’s ability to stay warm and improve my energy level.  I highly recommend seeing Diane.”